Term 1

What’s On in Term One?
Welcome to our first ‘What’s On’ for 2018.
What a sensational start we have had to Prep this year. We are thoroughly enjoying getting to know your children and our days so far have been filled with lots of fun and new experiences.
Here is a snapshot of some of the exciting learnings happening in our classrooms:

Inquiry Learning

Our Inquiry Learning Unit is called ‘Starting School’. Through our explorations in this unit, we hope to give the children opportunity to settle into the routines of school life and learn a lot about each other. The children will discover the many similarities and differences between them that make them unique. We will be exploring our amazing selves through self-portraits and whole class discussions, as well as drawing and talking about our wonderful families.
Students will also be introduced to the Gardenvale Primary School values through our mascot HERRRby and through this they will learn what it means to be respectful, responsible, resilient and a good friend along the way.


Our explorations in maths this term will be primarily focused on numbers 1 to 10.

We are very aware of the range of abilities in our classrooms and realise that for some children, this is revision, and for others this is brand new territory. Because of this, we aim to keep our activities in maths as open ended as possible, catering for children who need to be both supported and extended.

We will also be looking at aspects of patterns and shapes through games and hands on activities throughout the term, and will begin to use our classroom computer programs to support our Mathematical explorations.


Throughout Term 1, we will enjoy a wide variety of texts in the classroom. We will be reading and responding to stories through visual and creative artworks and discussions. Students will begin to develop written expression, initially through drawing and verbalising their weekend recount. We will begin our SMART spelling program where the children will learn letter sounds and apply them to words. They will also bring home weekly word lists which you can read with them at home to support this. 
We will be implementing a fine motor skills program, which involves children in a wide range of tactile experiences and activities designed to enhance the development of handwriting skills and letter formation.


During lessons in the Library children will have time to explore the way the library is set up, spend time reading together as well as exploring books independently. They will learn how to borrow and return books each week. Your child must bring a library bag to school on their scheduled library day in order to borrow a book each week.


Monday 5th February                                            Information Night
CHECK NEWSLETTER FOR DATE                    GPS Welcome Picnic (Junior School Oval)
Monday 12th March                                              Labour Day Holiday
Wednesday 14th March                                        Prep’s First Wednesday
Thursday 15th March                                            Teddy Bears Picnic
Thursday 15th March                                            Reading for life (7.30-9pm Junior Hall)
Thursday 22nd March                                          Brickworks incursion
Thursday 29th March                                            Last day of Term 1