100th Day of School

100 Days of School

On Wednesday the 2nd of August we had a big celebration for the Preps... It was our 100th of school! The Preps all came to school in amazing capes which they made at home, decorated with 100 items. Some had 100 stickers, 100 feathers, 100 stamps and more. They looked awesome! The teachers couldn’t believe it, we had made it to 100 days and they all felt like they were 100 years old!

We had a parade in the morning to show off our capes and crowns with the other kids and some parents cheering us on. Then the Preps rotated through each of their classrooms. In PA we played games, in PB we built towers with 100 paper cups, in PC we had a dance party and in PD made necklaces with 100 beads.

At lunch time we had a big party with lots of yummy party food. Thank you to the parents for bringing all the food and coming to help set up. It was a highlight for many of the children.
In the afternoon we celebrated and relaxed by watching a movie.

Congratulations Preps on a wonderful 100 days of school!