Term 3

What’s on in Term 3?

Welcome to ‘What’s On’ for Term 3 2017.
What a sensational first semester we have had in Prep this year. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your children and working with them. They are now very familiar with school life, they have made many friends and are learning more and more every day.
We would like you thank you all for your support so far and look forward to another amazing semester together. 

Inquiry Learning

Our Inquiry Learning Unit for Term 3 is called ‘Designing and Making’. We love this unit as it’s very hands on
and the children have lots of messy fun! Throughout the unit we will be looking at different materials and what things are made of. We will explore how materials can change when put into water and how they can be manipulated to be made into something new. Students will visit a range of playgrounds to look at the equipment in them and then design a new piece of equipment from the ideas they gather. Get ready for some interesting creations and inquisitive questioning!


In maths this Term will be consolidating our numbers 10 to 20. We will also be looking at numbers beyond this. We will continue to work in a range of maths groups targeting student point of need to further develop their current maths knowledge. We aim to keep our activities in maths as open ended as possible, catering for children who need to be both supported and extended. The use of ICT through classroom computers and iPads is a regular component of our maths program.
The concepts we will be covering are addition and subtraction, numbers before and after, chance and data, measurement and shapes. Due to our ‘100 Day Party’ we will be looking at all things 100!


Throughout Term 3, students will continue to develop their reading skills through a range of literacy rotations. At the end of Term 2, we introduced students to goal setting language through writing goals. Throughout Term 3, we will continue to develop this language and students will be able to track their progress as they achieve each goal and move on to the next one. In spelling, we will be focusing on diagraphs and onset and rime patterns. Our writing will include some creative writing and will be linked to Dr Seuss leading up to Book Week. 

IRC (Library)

We will continue to visit the Library every week. During lessons in the Library children will have time to explore the way the library is set up and spend time reading together as well as exploring books independently. They will learn how to borrow and return books each week. Please remember that if students don’t have a library bag they will not be able to borrow.


Wednesday  2nd August                                                             100 Day Party
Wednesday  16th  August                                                           Woodwork Incursion
Thursday 17th August                                                                 Curriculum Day
Wednesday  23rd August                                                            Wacky Wednesday
Thursday 31st August                                                                 In Visit – Crazy Science
Friday September 22nd                                                              Last Day of Term 3 (2.30 dismissal)