Term 2

What’s on in Prep, Term 2?
What a sensational start we have had to Prep! Term one flew by so quickly but all students have already come such a long way and have settled into their new environment ready for Term two. Students know the names of their classmates and have been slowly developing new friendships. We have thoroughly enjoying getting to know your children and look forward to continuing the journey throughout Term two. Here is a snapshot of some of the exciting learnings happening in our classrooms:

Inquiry Learning ‘Living Things’

Our Inquiry Unit is called ‘Living Things’. Through our explorations in this unit, students will discover what is living and non living and what living things need to survive. Students will explore different habitats such as land and sea, our impact on survival of plants and animals and how we can care for all living things in our environment. We will be going on two excursions throughout the term as a springboard for student learning. 


Our explorations in maths this term will be revisiting and consolidating numbers 1 to 10 and learning numbers to 20 and beyond. We will continue counting forwards and backwards from zero and other starting points. In Statistics and Probability students will explore pictographs, interpret data displays about yes/no questions and organise data they collect into displays of their own.

As there is a range of abilities within the class, whole class investigations where we aim to keep our activities in maths as open ended as possible, are a regular part of our program. Students will also work in like ability groups on a regular basis with learning tasks aimed at student point of need.


Throughout Term 2, we will continue to enjoy a wide variety of texts in the classroom. We will be focusing on a range of reading strategies such as predicting, looking at pictures for clues and looking at the starting sounds of words to help students decode unknown words. Students will also be learning an increasing number of high frequency words to further develop their reading.

SMART Spelling and phonics program will be a daily part of our literacy

sessions and will continue to be part of home learning.
Students will continue to develop written expression with weekly recount writing about their weekend. Students will be learning to use their sound knowledge to record dominant sounds in words and use known high frequency words to help form simple sentences.

IRC and Library

During lessons in the Library children will have time to explore the way the library is set up, spend time reading together as well as exploring books independently. They will learn how to borrow and return books each week.

iPads and computers are used regularly in Prep as a teaching tool during literacy and numeracy lessons. 


Wednesday 19th  April                                                     Melbourne  Zoo Excursion
Tuesday 25th April                                                           ANZAC Day Public Holiday
Friday 27th April                                                               Curriculum Day
Wednesday 24th May                                                      Phonics Day
Friday 9th June                                                                Sea Life Excursion
Monday 12th June                                                           Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Friday 30th June                                                              Last Day of Term 2 (2.30 Dismissal)

Please keep an eye on the newsletter for any other dates that may come up throughout the term.